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Business Associate of Golden Era Royal Group

We are delighted to choose you to join as an associate with Golden Era Royal Group. At Golden Era Royal Group, we are committed to the well being of society and all our stakeholders. Our goal is to provide value for investment for our customers by offering them a wide range of solutions by way of Property Sales, Property Investment, Software Investment, Digital Marketing, Construction/Interior, Recruitment, Solar/ Solar Products/Others, Uthhan Sales/CSR/Branding/Part-Timers. As a Business Associate of Golden Era Royal Group, you have the opportunity and the prospect to earn through our multiple segments.

As a Business Associate of Golden Era Royal Group you have the freedom to work and earn attractive additional income to better your life by referring potential clients. You will be required to contact your friends and family and help them fulfill their needs through Golden Era Royal Group’s diverse range of products and services. Of course, you will be eligible for attractive incentives and rewards. We are looking forward for a long and fruitful association.

Attractive benefits are waiting for you. You can earn unlimited income by referring business. Sign-up through online registration form:

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Property Investment

Software Investment


Digital Marketing




Solar/ Solar Products/Others

Uthhan Sales/CSR/Branding/Part-Timers

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